Hello there.

Welcome to my site(s) about myself, and my interests in Science, Art, Music, and Software.

What's that you say? Sites with an 's'? As in plural?

Yup, that's right. Four of my domains all point back to this one website, and each have their own tag/category here. You can navigate posts related to them all via Menu in the menu above.

Mark's Laboratory

markslaboratory.com is probably what you would call my 'main' site, as it has been around the longest. This is the Science category. You'll probably see some things related to computational chemistry here.

Alteration x10

alterationx10.com is my usual handle for most things online. This category revolves around Art, video games, and other personal blog-like nonsense.

The Devil You Don't

thedevilyoudont.net is my Music category. Villainess is the name of my solo music project. That's just fancy talk for music I make in my basement evil lair.

Turd Waffle

turdwaffle.com is related to Software development. Among other random things, you'll likely find things about Scala, Java, Play Framework, and Amazon Web Services. Hopefully, you'll soon see some things about VR and AR.

Other Places

Here are some links to my accounts on other services I'll probably link to often.

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